Winter Activities

Tomamu is arguably one of the best-serviced resorts in terms of entertaining activities. Not only does the resort obviously have fantastic ski runs, but there’s so much more to do throughout the resort, and it’s all within walking distance of the major hotels. The GAO Outdoor Centre is the activity hub for the resort, with most of the popular and exciting activities running directly through or around here, and it’s located just a few minutes from The Tower Hotel.

The range of activities includes guided snowshoe tours for explorers of all ages, including snow shoe hire, snowmobiling for the adrenaline junkies among us, snow rafting for the whole family to enjoy together, and night picnics in the snow for a romantic and beautiful couple experience. There’s also a dedicated kids park, where there is plenty of room to slide around and enjoy the snow – maybe even a snow fight or two – as well as much more, including ice skating and fishing for pond smelt.

Not only are the activities fantastic for adults, with plenty of exciting and exhilarating options, but the host of family friendly options also makes this a fantastic resort to visit with the whole family, with no one being left out! The emphasis throughout the resort is on getting the kids to enjoy and love the snow as much as the adults, and the range of fun activities – plus free skiing – definitely achieves this.