Madarao & Tangram

There are only a few large and well-serviced hotels at Madarao, the largest and most popular of which being Madarao Kogen Hotel, but there are plenty of smaller, Japanese owned and run pension hotels that are fantastic for budget travelers and those who don’t mind the Japanese way of life. These pensions are often very friendly and accommodating, but little English is spoken, so for those with limited Japanese, a larger hotel may be a better option. The smaller pensions offer a cosy and often very traditionally Japanese-oriented accommodation option, with traditional meals and tatami rooms on offer for those who’d like the cultural experience. 

 The pensions are, however, often located quite a while away from the slopes, and the limited transport options in Madarao mean that you may need to catch a ride with your pension owner. Some will offer this service, but others won’t – you’ll need to pay attention to the details when choosing your pension if you’re looking at this option. The hotels, however, are close to the slopes and within easy walking distance.

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