Restaurants & Nightlife

The small size of the Madarao resort means that there is, unfortunately, little nightlife. However, there are a number of restaurants and almost all guests will dine out throughout their stay, enjoying the close distance between all of the options in the area. The Madarao Kogen Hotel has a number of in-house restaurants which are, of course, open to guests from outside, too, and is well worth trying, with a large range of differing cuisines and a great lively atmosphere in the busier months. It’s also a great place to grab a western-style food if you’re craving something from home! 

Most of the restaurants worth trying are within walking distance of Madarao Kogen, including Jazzy – a small restaurant and bar that opens in the evening – Rudolf Pizza bar serving delicious traditional Pizza with a Japanese twist and a handful of coffee shops that are open throughout the day. Nagano is also well known for its Shinshu Soba buckwheat noodles, which can be tried at some of the smaller and more traditional Japanese restaurants throughout town, and for its Oyaki dumplings, prepared using fermented buckwheat dough around a variety of vegetable fillings. Nagano is also well known for its mushrooms of all varieties, and for Nozawana Spinach Pickles, which the locals absolutely love. 

If you’re looking for an après-ski drink, most of the larger hotels offer lounge bars that you can relax in, with the largest and most popular being – you guessed it – Madarao Kogen. There’s also a smaller family run bar across the road from the large hotel that opens in the evening, if you’re looking for something new to try. Most of the bars are relatively quiet and subdued, with most exhausted from skiing, and offer a range of standard beer, wine and spirits. Of course, there’s a selection of sake available, too, which is well worth trying. If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat, you can head into Iiyama in the evening on the bus, which offers a good change of pace and scenery with a handful of delicious traditional Japanese bars and restaurants. 

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Trois cinq

A great selection of satisfying snacks and meals right next to Lift No.1, stop by to warm up and fill up.

Phone: 0269 64 3835

Restaurant Tirol

Tirol includes many local fresh ingredients in their dishes, specialities are pizza, pasta and hamburg.

Phone: 0269 64 3214

Tea Lounge at Madarao Kogen Hotel

Craving after ski sweets, or just looking for a nice place to cuddle up with a book? Drop by Tea Lounge.

Phone: 0269 64 3311

Restaurant Shirakaba at Madarao Kogen Hotel

The closest restaurant to the ski slope entrance, stop by for steaming ramen and other favourites.

Phone: 0269 64 3311


Sit down to giant okonomiyakis made by a friendly couple from Hiroshima, the home of okonomiyaki.

Phone: 0269 64 3113

Restaurant Rudolf

Set in a picture-book Austrian style building, serving the best pizzas in the area. The pasta is great too.

Phone: 0269 64 3153

Piemonte at Madarao Kogen Hotel

Enjoy buffet dining featuring great local speciality dishes as well as western and asian favourites.

Phone: 0269 64 3311

Oono Penssion

Casual home style cooking don-buri rice bowls. Try the crispy tempura or the katsu-don.

Phone: 0269 64 3011


Specializing in homemade soba noodles and other beautifully cooked Japanese dishes, Maroudo is the place to enjoy the delights of Japan and Madarao Kogen

Phone: 0269 64 3768

Restaurant ・Bar Jazzy

Food menu includes popular baked curry, and an extensive drinks list to match. Background jazz of course.

Phone: 0269 64 3767

Restaurant Heidi

Slopeside cafeteria with an array of satisfying dishes, many with spices to warm you to the core. 

Phone: 0269 64 3214

Furusato at Madarao Kogen Hotel

Furusato offers shabu-shabu, and kaiseki course dining in a relaxed traditional Japanese atmosphere.

Phone: 0269 64 3311