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Transportation Overview

Madarao is located relatively close to both Nozawa Onsen and Myoko Kogen in the Nagano prefecture, meaning it’s not too far from some of the area’s best and most popular ski destinations. This makes it great not only for a destination within itself but also a good option for an overnight or day trip from a nearby resort. Madarao is easily accessible via bus from Iiyama station, which is only a bullet train ride away from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.
Train Travel to Madarao & Tangram

Train Travel to Madarao & Tangram

The closest train station to Madarao Kogen & Tanagram is Iiyama Station, located along the Hokuriku Bullet Train Line connecting Tokyo and Kanazawa.

There is a bus from Iiyama station to Madarao Kogen and Tanagram which takes around 20 minutes. This shuttle bus leaves from bus stand 1 outside Iiyama station "Chikumaguchi" exit. You can check the schedule here.

From Tokyo: Ride the bullet train to Iiyama station on the Hokuriku Bullet Train Line, which takes around 150 minutes.
From Osaka or Kyoto: Take the Thunderbird limited express train to Kanazawa station and transfer to Hokuriku Line bullet train, just over an hour's ride will get you to Iiyama station.
From Nagoya: Take the limited express Shinano train to Nagano station and transfer to Hokuriku Line bullet train, a 45 minute ride on the bullet train will get you on to Iiyama station.

Search Japan's train schedules here: HyperDia

Japan Rail Pass: For travellers visiting cities either side of the ski resort stay, a Japan Rail Pass is a fantastic investment, allowing unlimited train travel on most Japan Rail trains, for periods of 7, 14 or 21 days to suit your travel schedule.

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Private Transfer to Madarao & Tangram

Private Transfer to Madarao & Tangram

Private jumbo taxis, regular size taxis, microbuses and other vehicles can be arranged to meet the needs of your group. For larger groups, a pre-booked private transfer is the most simple and hassle-free option.

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Transfer Details

Airport Shuttle Bus to Madarao

Airport Shuttle Bus to Madarao

The Nagano Snow Shuttle is a direct service running from Tokyo's Narita and Haneda Airports directly through to the ski resort offering transportation in both directions. There are two scheduled comfort stops where you can pick up drinks and snacks, as well as use restroom facilities. The bright purple buses are easily identifiable as are the staff who also wear purple uniforms, which make your flight to bus transfer a breeze. Nagano Snow Shuttle provides the most comprehensive airport to resort, and inter-resort services at great value. Check out the schedules and do not hesitate to inquire about how we can help to streamline transfers during your Japan Ski Holiday.

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Inter-resort Travel to Madarao

Inter-resort Travel to Madarao

Shuttle buses between the region’s most popular ski resorts are available. Madarao, Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen and Shiga Kogen are just over two hours from each other, and if you plan to visit more than one resort, the inter-resort shuttle will be your most convenient mode of transport. This year a new route to and from Madarao ski resort has also been introduced, take advantage of this new addition and explore the famous Madarao powder and tree runs on offer!

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Shared Transfer to Madarao & Tangram

Shared Transfer to Madarao & Tangram

Shared Transfers are a convenient way to travel between Tokyo airports and ski resorts in Nagano Prefecture. These transfers are available from Tokyo Narita and Tokyo Haneda airports through to Madarao Kogen and Tangram Madarao, and also in the opposite direction from Madarao/Tangram back to the airport. This is a stress-free seamless travel option; a driver will meet you at your airport arrival gate with a name card and show you to the vehicle, and you will be taken right to the front door of your ski resort accommodation.

Generally the vehicle provided is a jumbo taxi, and up to seven people travelling to the Nagano area will be scheduled to ride together. During busy periods when many people are travelling to the Nagano area at once, a large coach bus may be provided instead. Please note there is no specific departure time, your transfer will depart once all other passengers scheduled to join the ride have arrived; however this service is scheduled so that the longest duration between flight arrival and shared transfer departure is 90 minutes.

Narita Airport to Madarao/Tangram Transfer Prices for 2018-2019 season:

Adult / from 18,200 yen per person
Children 7-12 yrs / 12,800 yen per person
Infant 0-6 yrs / 6,800 yen per person

Haneda Airport to Madarao/Tangram Transfer Prices for 2018-2019 season:

Adult / from 17,200 yen per person
Children 7-12 yrs / 12,000 yen per person
Infant 0-6 yrs / 6,500 yen per person

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Rental Car Travel to Madarao & Tangram

Rental Car Travel to Madarao & Tangram

Toyota offers a rental car service throughout Japan, the closest of which to Madarao is the Nagano center. If you’d like to rent a car during your stay, you’ll need both a valid license from your home country and an international license.

To arrange a car rental, you can contact the English help desk of Toyota’s Japan center, and their assistants will help you through the process.

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