The Westin Rusutsu Resort and North/South Wings are the two predominant resort hotels available at Rusutsu. The Westin offers luxury accommodation with spacious, comfortable split level rooms that cater towards those who want just a little more than a room to relax in, and high end service and facilities.

The main resort hotel is divided into the North and South Wing Hotels with most of the rooms enjoying great views of the surrounding mountains and alpine vistas. The rooms are western style with twin bedding and ensuite bathroom, and offer direct access to slopes as well as shopping and entertainment / sporting facilities. 

Dining is an experience in itself with so many restaurants to choose from the decision is always going to be difficult. Entertainment is what this hotel is famous for, with its bustling shopping mall, sports facilities including a indoor wave pool and waterslide, game centres, lounges and bars. All this complimented with the largest ski resort in Hokkaido guarantees an exciting and memorable stay. Highly recommended.

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