Train Travel to Tomamu

If you’re arriving at Chitose airport, getting to Tomamu won’t take you too long. Catch the train one station to Minami Chitose Station, and from there you have a choice of catching either Super Tokachi or Super Ozora on the Sekisho Line. Make sure to reserve your ticket for this express trip – it will cost around 3850 yen and take just over an hour. If you’re flying into Tokachi Obihiro Airport, you can also catch the bus to Obihiro Station, from which you can catch an express train into Tomamu station. Or, if you’re coming in from Sapporo direction, a half an hour train ride from Sapporo Station will take you to Minami Chitose Station, from which you can catch the hour long train to Tomamu station. Once you’re at Tomamu station, it’s simply a matter of organising the complimentary shuttle bus to get you to your hotel!

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