Train Travel to Lotte Arai Resort

The closest station is Joetsu Myoko, on the Hokuriku Bullet Train Line which connects Kanazawa and Tokyo. This means you can take a bullet train direct from Tokyo and arrive in under 2 hours. From Joetsu Myoko station to the resort, a free shuttle bus will be provided based on bullet train arrival schedule, with the drive around 20 minutes.

From Tokyo: Take the JR Hokuriku Line bullet train from Tokyo station to Joetsu Myoko station and arrive in just under 2 hours.
From Osaka and Kyoto: Take the Thunderbird limited express train to Kanazawa station and transfer to Hokuriku Line bullet train, a one hour ride will get you to Joetsu Myoko station.
From Nagoya: Take the limited express Shinano train to Nagano station and transfer to Hokuriku Line bullet train, a 20 minute ride on the bullet train will get you on to Joetsu Myoko station.

Search Japan's train schedules here: HyperDia

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