Snowshoe Tours

There are a number of snowshoe tours throughout Madarao, each unique and stunningly beautiful as one another. Operating throughout the winter season, the snowshoe tours are a great way to explore the areas of Madarao you might have otherwise missed, and are a great group activity that is much more social than a back country tour, for example. They’re also extremely fun and great for younger kids who will enjoy playing in the snow during the tour. The permanent walks "Hope Lake" trail and "Forest of Furusato" are perfect for those who’d like to take it at a leisurely pace without a guide, with direction signs installed every 20-30 meters on trees to ensure you’re on the right path.

There are both night and day tours available that aren’t signed, but it is always best to book with an experience and English-speaking guide with these more adventurous tours. This will cost approximately 8,000 yen for half a day, with a small extra fee at night for the guide. Snowshoes can be rented through the Madarao Mountain Plateau Mountain House rental service for about 1,000 yen per day, as can walking poles, but all other gear you’ll need to rent through the standard services or bring your own.