Restaurants & Nightlife

While there aren’t a whole lot of options for dining in Sahoro, the options that are available are delicious, provide great atmospheres and are perfect for all kinds of dishes. The large French restaurant offers a large variety of traditional French dishes, including lunch and dinner, as well as a fantastic, beautiful and elegant dining hall to enjoy. The Japanese Restaurant Yukizasa offers delicious traditional Japanese meals, all prepared with delicious, fresh ingredients, with a focus on vegetables and beef. The wine cellar at Sahoro is a fantastic opportunity to experience some of the finest wines available in the snow regions, with a range of Hokkaido and French wines being kept in fantastic, high quality and carefully monitored environment. The experience is completed with wines being recommended to suit your individual meal – an experience you won’t get everywhere in Japan!

There’s also a café in the gondola station that offers meals with a view daily, as well as an ice-creamery and drinks sation. The food served here, however, is more traditionally Japanese. 

The Club Med hotel houses some restaurants, too, including a traditional Japanese restaurant as well as a restaurant serving almost entirely international food with an exciting and delicious menu. Both are extremely modern and offer stunning environments for dinners and lunches, with perfect views, delicious food and a great ambience. Despite the international feel, there is also a distinctly Japanese element to the décor and food here, and it’s a unique experience for guests. 

The Tokachi Sahoro Resort also houses some Italian food at the Bear Café – this means you can get a huge range of cuisines from across the globe without ever leaving town – as well as a more casual dining option at the lounge. Like most Japanese ski resorts, particularly the smaller ones, there isn’t much nightlife in Sahoro, but there are a few small bars, including Tavern Honoka, that are open for an après-ski drink. The tavern is open from 8 pm through to 11:30 pm, and offers a small selection of food alongside a large sake and beer selection. It is, however, quite small, so you’re best to get in early!  The Wakka, at Club Med, offers fantastic views as well as a large range of delicious alcohol, and is open nightly, with dedicated children’s areas as well as a small food menu.

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Canned Bar at Sahoro Resort Hotel

Offering the fun of choosing the canned food you want to try, as well as many nostalgic and rare canned goods alongside a lovely beverage.

Phone: 0156 64 7111

Towards Food at Sahoro Resort Hotel

It is an important meal to start the day and spend the day energetically.
Enjoy the popular rice bowl corner, hotel-made bread, and dishes made with Hokkaido ingredients

Phone: 0156 64 7111

HOKKAIDO BUFFET at Sahoro Resort Hotel

A dinner buffet that utilises seasonal ingredients which gathers the "delicious" of Hokkaido ranging from their fresh seafood to unique seasonal flora 

Phone: 0156 64 7111

Sahoro Garden at Sahoro Resort Hotel

À la carte dining made from some of the most sought after ingredients in all of Japan, Tokachi produce.

Phone: 0156 64 7111

Hana Mori Kuma Café at Sahoro Resort Hotel

Enjoy the warmth of wooden and floral decor as you sip your aromatic coffee and selection of local sweets. 

Phone: 0156 64 7111

Yukizasa at Sahoro Resort Hotel

Handmade soba noodles, and fresh Hokkaido seafood served kaiseki style, so many dishes to enjoy!

Phone: 0156 64 7111