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This ski resort cum farming village has a supply of fantastic fresh, local vegetables which are often employed by the local restaurants. Enjoy a wide variety of dishes throughout the village restaurants, but make sure to try some of the local specialty dishes. Fresh soba noodles from locally grown buckwheat, piping hot oyaki steamed buns with a variety of different fillings: sweet been paste, sweet pumpkin, apple, local nozawana vegetables, raddish and mixed veggies, or the popular onsen-boiled eggs. The ryokans, Japanese style inns, often also provide kaiseki cuisine, which offers a spread of small yet tasty vegetable, seafood and meat dishes. Each nutritious plate contains only a small volume, but you’ll find yourself getting full quickly!

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You Bakery

Stop by for a snack of freshly baked bread, ice cream, coffee, apple pies and other treats.

Phone: 0269 85 2037


Brining you the classic ramen + gyoza combination, with rice dishes to choose from too!

Phone: 0269 85 2540

Yakitori Masaemon

The friendly owners have been serving up delicious yakitori chicken skewers for decades here.

Phone: TBA


The heart-warming syabu syabu and sukiyaki sets are the perfect way to end your day.

Phone: 0269 85 3010


Izakaya style dining, share delicious plates of yakitori, fried tofu, sashimi and more.

Phone: 0269 85 3565

Juntos Mexican Food

This cosy eatery is tucked away off the main street, worth the visit for the amazing tacos!

Phone: 080 3434 1016

The Craft Room

Perfect located for a snack or beer whilst skiing, stop by The Craft Room at Nagasaka base.


The Corner Steakhouse

Authentic burgers and seared steaks served with hot fries makes for the perfect evening treat.

Phone: 0269 67 0146

Soba Suzuki

Hand-made soba buckwheat noodles cooked to perfection, stop by for a healthy filling lunch.

Phone: 0269 85 4101

Shichirohei Coffee

Shichirohei serves fantastic coffee and tasty snacks to match, with an unbeatable cafe vibe.

Phone: 0269 67 0397

Restaurant Shantel

Located at Sparena onsen facility, a great option for groups, try the handmade pizzas!

Pizza: 0269 85 4567

Restaurant & Bar Ran

Quiet and cosy atmosphere serving hearty Japanese curry and naan breads.

Phone: 0269 85 2105