Restaurants & Nightlife

You won’t be hard pressed to find a delicious meal in Naeba. Unlike some of the smaller resorts, you could definitely stay here for an extended period of time and still not have tried everything on offer. The Prince Hotel houses 23 restaurants, arguably the most popular of which being the Matsukaze Japanese Restaurant, and there are also a plethora of delicious restaurants scattered throughout town. There are, of course, a spattering of fantastic traditional Japanese restaurants throughout town, but also some great western options and some international style dining venues as well, providing every guest with plenty of variety. You’d be crazy to not try some of country’s most famous dishes, though, such as soba noodles – made from buckwheat and served with a variety of ingredients – or sushi prepared with the freshest ingredients available. 

The Prince Hotel also houses a whole host of bars and lounges, as well as some more casual cafés, which are fantastic for evening drinks or catching up with friends in the afternoon. Just because they’re located in a hotel, though, don’t think they’ll be too expensive – there are plenty of more inexpensive options available, too. There aren’t any nightclubs or large party venues, though, and the nightlife is more relaxed than most places. However, it does better than some Japanese ski resorts, with a host of options and some great inviting venues to spend your evening in. 

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Cocktail Bar Chatelaine at Naeba Prince Hotel

For a laid back drink to unwind at the end of the day, stop by Chatelaine and try one of their cocktails.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Whistler Cafe at Naeba Prince Hotel

Right on the slopes, this Canadian style cafe is a great hangout for both lunch and dinner.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Windsor Main Bar at Naeba Prince Hotel

Unwind in the sophisticated yet welcoming Windsor bar, seats by the window offer great night ski views. 

Phone: 025 789 2211

Naeba Hanten at Naeba Prince Hotel

No resort is complete without a Chinese restaurant, try the tasty dumplings and fried rice at Naeba Hanten.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Sushi Minagawa at Naeba Prince Hotel

Locally grown rice is famous throughout the country. You can expect some melt in your mouth sushi here.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Sushi & Mochi-dokoro Yukiguni at Naeba Prince Hotel

In a region famous for rice and seafood, expect some unforgettable sushi. Follow with mochi for dessert.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Takumi-an at Naeba Prince Hotel

Experienced bar staff can introduce you to the best of local and domestic rice wine and sides to match.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Rogu-tei Barbeque Restaurant at Naeba Prince Hotel

Enjoy BBQ dining at your table, you can choose from a number of meats and cuts, and vegies to match.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Restaurant Marmolada at Naeba Prince Hotel

Dinner buffets presenting a huge spread of your favourite Western dishes, suitable for all ages.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Restaurant Azalea at Naeba Prince Hotel

A whopping 500 seat restaurant, serving buffet breakfasts and dinners of Japanese, Western and Chinese.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Ramen Izakaya at Naeba Prince Hotel

No trip to Japan is complete without a bowl of ramen! Stop by for a delicious bowl of steaming noodles.

Phone: 025 789 2211

Pandaruman Art Café at Naeba Prince Hotel

The kids will love this cafe, it makes a great space to take a break when you need a rest from the slopes.

Phone: 025 789 2211