Restaurants & Nightlife

Myoko Kogen is avidly working to cater for the growing number of foreign guests, to provide a host of dining options. You will currently find a number of great traditional Japanese and European fusion offerings, especially around the Akakura Onsen area. Additional restaurants are in Ikenotaira, and Suginosawa area, as well as local hangouts down by Myoko Kogen train station. 

There is not a lot of nightlife in Myoko Kogen, but you will find a couple of bars and a karaoke lounge in Myoko’s main Akakura Onsen village area.

After ploughing through powder all day, and a relaxing evening soak in the hot spring, you may not need to hit the bars at night!

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Located in the heart of Myoko's bustling main street, enjoy perfectly hand-crafted burgers or salads - even the buns have their own recipe! Relaxed atmosphere with drinks on tap.

Yakiniku Yoroko

Try juicy soft wagyu beef yakiniku, along with their special cheeze gyoza and fried rice dishes.

Phone: 090 3401 0584

Tatra Kan

All-you-can-eat buffet with Chinese, Japanese and Western inspired dishes, beer on tap.

Phone: 0255 86 2600


Tanuki is an atmospheric family run restaurant with a wide selection of Japanese dishes.

Phone: 0255 87 2138

Skate Bar (Shushokantei)

This vibrant and friendly bar serves good food and drink, while you watch sports videos.

Phone: 090 4602 0906

Restaurant Dorane

When you need a western food fix, stop by for hearty stews served with fresh bread, and more.

Phone: 0255 87 2266


A quaint eatery with an impressive local sake list, tasty dishes to share with the group.

Phone: 0255 87 3662

Panorama Cafe & Dining

Serving fresh seafood for the close by Sea of Japan, pairs well with local sake rice wine.

Phone: 080 4182 9135

Mr Burger

Featuring specialty burgers, popular side dish options and more than 40 crepe flavours.

Phone: 0255 87 3012


Try Myoko's best salty ramen, or the local red yakisoba specialty, at this laid back eatery.

Phone: 0255 87 2068


Bringing you the best of both regional specialties and old time favourite Japanese dishes.

Phone: 0255 70 4155


Tasty authentic curries, in a convenient central location. Great for curry lovers of all ages.

Phone: 0255 87 2224