Train Travel to Nozawa Onsen

The most accessible train station for travelling to Nozawa Onsen is the Iiyama Station located on the Hokuriku Bullet Train Line, established in 2015. The iiyama Bullet Train station is directly connected to Tokyo, and Kanazawa, so you conveniently connect to other top-class tourist destinations in Japan.

To travel to Nozawa Onsen ski resort from Iiyama Station, take a 20 to 30 minute bus ride up to the picturesque ski village, the bus schedule conveniently matches up with Bullet Train arrival times.

From Tokyo: Take the JR Hokuriku Line Bullet Train from Tokyo station to Iiyama station and arrive in just under 2 hours.
From Osaka or Kyoto: Take the Thunderbird limited express train to Kanazawa station and transfer to Hokuriku Line Bullet Train, a one and a half hour ride will get you to Iiyama station.
From Nagoya: Take the limited express Shinano train to Nagano station and transfer to Hokuriku Line Bullet Train, Iiyama is one stop away and just 10 minutes ride on the bullet train. If there are no quick connections to a bullet train, consider the 45 minute local train running on the JR Iiyama Line.

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